Solent Water Treatment

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Solent Water Drinking Water System & Filter Some of the dangerous organisms the SOLENT SYSTEM will guard against:  Cryptosporidium, E.Coli, Salmonella, Chlorine, Dissolved Aluminium BUY NOW AT AN AFFORDABLE COST OF Price includes delivery to mainland UK PayPal: Add Solent System to cart This shows a Solent System  fitted under the sink or in a  cupboard next to the sink unit Separate drinking Water tap, choice of two spout and level styles. Also available are 2 o 3 way taps see our tap Section. All about the filter Supercarb, bonded carbon for taste, odour & chlorine reduction Easy fitting with seal FILTERED & TREATED WATER Water Flow Sterasly ceramic-silver Impregnated ceramic, the Optimum technology to Reduce Crytosporidum & Other cysts, reduce suspended  Particles and turbidity. Cleanable ceramic  for extended life when filtering Contaminants from turbid water Click here for replacement filters