Solent Water Treatment

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Reverse Osmosis is an efficient way to provide high quality water.  The Reverse Osmosis removes dirt, sediment, sand and other physical  particles.  The RO membrane reduces up to 98% of dissolved mineral salts and contaminates such as  chlorine and fluoride.  The result is the highest quality in drinking water.

*  A state -of-the-art components system

*  99% + bacteria and virus removal

*  98% dissolved solids removal

*  Instantaneous operation

*  High output at low cost

*  Highly oxygenated water

*  Maintenance friendly

*  Robust construction

*  No electric operation

A separate drinking water tap, fits with ease next to your sink. The Reverse Osmosis will fit in the kitchen out of sight under the sink.  It is supplied with a post/pre filter and a tap to fit alongside your kitchen sink.

How the Reverse Osmosis Works.

In a Reverse Osmosis Unit filtered water enters the semi-permeable membrane under incoming water pressure.  Molecular separation occurs when the pure water molecules Penetrate the membrane flowing to he central collection tube.  Here the water flows to A pressurised storage tank.  The rejected water is discharged to drain allowing as Continuous cleansing action.  When the drinking water tap is turned on the purified water Passes to the tap via an activated carbon polishing filter.  This removes any final residue Taste elements in the water prior to drinking. Complete with installation kit.

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